• Kimberly Carlson Strength on a Vegetarian Diet

Kimberly Carlson has a Masters Degree in Gerontology (aging studies).  She studies the process of healthy aging via plant-based, vegan and vegetarian eating.  She also has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Community Health & Nutrition.

This blog evolved because of the limited information on-line regarding vegan lifestyles. Kim researches daily for new vegan recipes, workout suggestions and muscle building ideas that focus primarily on a plant-based eating plan. The frustration of coming up with the same topics and authors encouraged her to design her own blog so that others (like her) can read new content and be inspired by more information on the topics encouraging the healthy lifestyle and educating anyone who wants to learn about a “new” way of eating that is still not well received by the general public. This blog will work to change the image of what vegan, vegetarian and plant-based can mean.

This blog will focus on various eating styles within a vegetarian/vegan diet.  Much of the blog will concentrate on fitness, strength training, politics of food, travel and restaurant reviews of vegan eating, along with the newest research related to the topics.  We encourage you to make comments and follow our blog.  We also have a section in our blog asking for contributing authors.  If you would like to write and submit articles on this blog please contact Kimberly.


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